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Piano Meets Mariachi

Piano Meets Mariachi

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The depth and richness of sound of the piano blends with the colorful character of Mariachi music. In his album “Piano Meets Mariachi” Esteban sets up the encounter of these two worlds: the classical and elegant sound of the piano, with the folklore and tradition of Mariachi music.

In his own words, Esteban describes the Mariachi band as “a street orchestra”, and through a very innovative and meticulous music arrangements this album sets up a fresh idea into the genre of world music.

Amid of exuberant talent, Esteban’s piano is accompanied by Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlan (one of the best Mariachi band in the world), giving birth to a world-music project which objective is to construct a “bridge” between our cultures. In times where “walls” have become popularized, “Piano Meets Mariachi” carries the force of music which constantly heals our differences.



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